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Multi Location Support

When you can easily compare the purchasing, waste and inventory of different kitchens you can identify problems as well as the best practices. Information.

Food Costing

You spend time to calculate your food costs but the very next day your ingredient prices start changing. Automate your food costings so they are accurate instantly 100% of the time. Automate.

Purchase Orders

If your purchase orders are sent via Kitchen Coster you have an audit trail and are able to spot pricing changes the moment the items come off the back of the truck. Document.

Waste Reporting

Reports that allow you to spot trends in waste and jump on problems can help you introduce solutions before the costs mount. Report.

Supplier Discovery

Finding new and exciting suppliers to expand your offering can be a challenge. Kitchen Coster can help by providing hosted suppliers for you to explore. Explore.

Anywhere Access 24/7

When you have access to today's kitchen activity immediately from anywhere. Access.

  • Picture of Patrick from Kitchen Coster Patrick Exton Vision and Sales

    Patrick Exton has been in the Food Industry for 35 years with experiences in farming, wholesale, retail supermarkets and the cafe/catering Industries.